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Alcoholism Treatment

The main goal in drug abuse prevention and alcohol treatment is to ensure that a patient not only achieves sobriety, but that their sobriety is life-long.

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Drug and alcohol detox can help people with even the most severe cases of addiction overcome the disease.

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Drug Treatment Centers Fairfield CT (203) 242-8257

When you finally admit that you have a substance abuse problem, you are on the road to recovery. Calling Drug Treatment Centers Fairfield for answers could make the difference between a phase and an addiction lifestyle. According to government statistics, approximately 87% of Americans in addiction do not seek help from drug treatment centers because they do not accept that they have a substance abuse problem.

Because addiction is a progressive disease, substance abusers who have not yet segued into full blown addiction can get help before it happens. Because the consequences of addiction will continue to escalate, not seeking help can be fatal.

If you are concerned that substance abuse is becoming a problem in your life, speak to a Drug treatment Center counselor today. Drug Treatment Centers Fairfield can help you to…

1. Identify the stage of addiction that you are currently in.
2. Provide a safe environment to withdraw from habitual drug use
3. Receive care administered by experienced addiction specialists.
4. Stop the physical and psychological effects of addiction from further progression.
5. Prevent a drug overdose or fatality.
6. Help you to identify and overcome other issues such as mental illness that may be causing or driving the addiction.
7. Learn new life skills and techniques to cope with stressful life circumstances.
8. Establish a network of positive support.
9. Receive relapse prevention and addiction aftercare education and training.
10. Provide aftercare options to help you to transition from rehab into drug free living.

Drug Treatment Centers Fairfield recognize the invasive nature of drug addiction. That it goes beyond the addict to impact those they love and those who love them. In caring for the patient, it is also necessary to provide counseling, education and training for families as well. To be effective, recovery treatment must be comprehensive to encompass every aspect of the individual’s life.

Drug Treatment Centers Fairfield programs use assessment tools enable identification of targeted treatment programs that are best suited for each client. As such we provide a complete evaluation of the circumstances surrounding the path into addiction, the current effects of substance abuse and relapse prevention training necessary to sustain recovery.

Our treatment options include:

  • Inpatient Medical Detoxification programs that assist patients recovering from drug and alcohol abuse to safely withdraw from habitual use of these substances. We provide continuous monitoring and reassessment to keep the patient stabilized throughout the detoxification process. Our doctors and nurses are qualified to handle any life threatening medical emergencies that may arise.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation works for those who need or have already completed the detoxification program. Board certified psychiatrists and counselors provide ongoing treatment intervention to help patients with dual diagnosis and other psychological or physical conditions that require ongoing treatment. While in recovery members of our psychiatric team will always be available to assist patients with emotional issues and questions.
  • Residential Rehabilitation entail a 30 to 90 day commitment. Studies show patients who participate in residential treatment programs are more successful at maintaining long term sobriety. This represents an intensive treatment program that work closely with patients to develop healthier patterns of behavior in a beautiful homelike environment.

Drug addiction does not occur overnight and neither can recovery. Habitual use of chemical substances cause neurological changes that in most cases require professional interventions to reverse or counteract. Making a commitment to overcome addiction will demand more than a quick detox procedure. Following through on a decision to get professional treatment from Drug Treatment Centers Fairfield could save your life.

Don’t wait– Call Drug Treatment Centers Fairfield now at (203) 242-8257.

About Fairfield, NJ

Fairfield is a town in Fairfield County Connecticut that was ranked by Money Magazine one of the top ten places to live in the US and the best place to live in the North East. The population in Fairfield in around 60,000 and the town is very suburban.

Many neighborhoods are well established and the towns landscaping with dogwood trees line the area. The quant downtown is peaceful yet filled with great dining, shopping, and entertainment. There are two shopping districts which include the Post Road and Black Rock Turnpike. Fairfield is a wealthy town with many families choosing the area to raise their children.

The historical aspect of the town and the architecture make it a beautiful place to live. Places to visit include the Trinity Church in Southport, the Penfield Reef Lighthouse, and Bellarmine Hall at Fairfield University. Other notable places to visit include the John Osborne House, Jonathan Sturges House, Southport Railroad Stations, and the Bronson Windmill.

The Regina a Quick Center for the Arts on Fairfield University campus is a great place for music, dance and theater programs. In addition the PepsiCo Theater is also a place where locals can go to view shows and interact with other locals. Boating is a popular activity of many Fairfield locals. Many belong to the Yacht club and others participate with the Community Yacht Yard. With many parks outside activities are not lacking and the overall beautiful scenery of the town makes it a great place for relaxation.

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