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Addiction to alcohol and drugs, including prescription drugs such as painkillers, is widespread and can be devastating and life-threatening if untreated. The first stage in treatment at a Rehab or Alcohol Treatment Center is medical detox (detoxification).

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What is Alcohol/Drug Detox?

Medical detox for addiction to alcohol and other drugs is the process by which the body eliminates toxic (poisonous) substances such as alcohol or drugs. During the medical detox stage of treatment no more alcohol or drugs are put into the body, and the toxins are gradually eliminated by normal processes involving organs such as the liver and kidneys. The process is called medical detox because medicines are prescribed to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and help the addict gradually reduce their physical dependence on the drug or alcohol.

How does Detox Work?

The liver and kidneys remove toxins from the body, but in an addiction they can become overwhelmed by the excessive amounts of drugs or alcohol. They can also be damaged by the toxins and work less effectively than they would in a healthy individual. Detox breaks the physical dependence by ensuring no more toxins are consumed and by assisting the body to do its work.

It is important that detox be done gradually because it can cause serious side effects such as seizures or rapid drops in blood pressure. The serious side effects can, in rare cases, even be fatal, which makes it too dangerous to try to detox at home. Detoxing can be extremely stressful, and this can lead to a relapse without treatment because stress is a common trigger for drinking or taking drugs. The safest place for the detoxification is in a recognized residential detox center.

In a Drug Addiction Rehab or Alcohol Treatment Center such as those at Fairfield, the detoxification is monitored carefully by medical staff who are on hand at all times to prescribe and administer medications to ensure the process is as safe and stress free as possible.

Types of Detox Programs

The most common type of detox is the medical detox offered by most Rehab Centers, which lasts for several days. Another type is rapid or ultra-rapid detox, a process in which the patient is kept highly medicated or unconscious via the use of anesthetics until the physical dependence symptoms have passed. Detoxing by simply stopping taking the drug or alcohol and without medical assistance is called a ‘cold-turkey’ detox.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms occurring during detox depend on the addictive drug. Withdrawal from alcohol can cause anxiety, shakes, tremors, sweating, nausea, disturbed sleep, seizures and hallucinations. Withdrawal from heroin can cause a variety of symptoms including pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. OxyContin detox symptoms include depression, coughing, runny nose, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and aching limbs.

Medical Detox in Fairfield Centers

Medical detox and other addiction treatments are offered at several Rehab Centers in and around Fairfield, including Archway Recovery Services, Pharma-Tox and the A.K. Bean Foundation.

Doctors at any medical detox center prescribe medication to help patients going through detox and withdrawal. Among the medications are:

  • Methadone, a slow-acting drug that activates the same opiate receptors as heroin. It reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and the dose is gradually tapered off to zero.
  • Suboxone is taken orally or under the tongue, and is used to treat addiction to heroin and other opiates. It relieves the craving without producing a ‘high.’
  • Naltrexone is another drug that blocks the action of opiates. Like methadone, these drugs are also tapered off during rehabilitation.
  • Antabuse is used in alcoholism treatment. The drug stops alcohol from being processed in the body, leading to a bad reaction that discourage the addict from drinking again.

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